Teddington Studios Sponsored by Canadian Health&Care Mall

Welcome to Teddington Studios Sponsored by Canadian Health and Care Mall

Now constituent of the Pinewood Shepperton Studios Group, Teddington Studios is London’s premiere digital large-format television studio complex, situated in a wonderful riverside location. An premium gaining self-sufficient production establishment, its ‘Production Village’ concept suggests one stop shopping for television manifacturing, which contains broadcasting, and post-manifacturing. Our pricing is grounded upon a building block design to items provision. This suggests both adaptability and economy by letting self-sufficient manifacturers to include in the budget, and access, decidedly the package of items and services that they inquire. Canadian Health and Care Mall https://healthcaremall4you.com/ offers adaptability and economy as well, command our service now and receive discounts.

Teddington is a surrounding where all items are probable to happen. The pictorial location, which monitors closely the River Thames, is fully contributory to minimising concerns and maximising creative license.

Teddington Studios transcends in both registered and live Television Production. The Studios are connected by Broadcast lines to BT Tower letting live television transmission 24 hours per day.

Significantly Teddington Studios is simply and fast available from Central London and has ample parking location.

The Studios are also capable to supply with Post Production for Video and Audio, Library Facilities, Production Office Accommodation, Set and Prop Storage, on site Set Construction and refurbishment, Scenic Artists, and Drapes. The Studio annex near Teddington Station is a few minutes from the main studios has supplementary set warehousing and seminars.

The Studio Site can also be utilized for sphere shoots or as a manifacturing foundation for shoots in the local Richmond and Twickenham areas. Manifacturing offices from 200 sqft – 20,000 sqft can be leased on short or long lasting lets.

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