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Allergy for petsAllergy for pets damage a lot of people. Physicians claim that they are about 15 per cent, but there are also other figures namely the allergy doesn’t allow to live quietly to every fourth inhabitant of the Earth. What is the allergy caused? It is considered that the problem is hereditary, but it may be and acquired as well, and dandruff of animals, saliva or urine cause but not fur as it is considered to be so nonhairy breeds too aren’t always acceptable. And whether there are animals who aren’t causing allergy? Most often allergy for dogs and cats is mentioned and therefore there is a question: and whether there are dogs and cats which don’t cause allergy. It is considered that there is, but we will try to consider also other options. For example, rabbit is lovely and charming animal who isn’t causing allergy. But thus allergists definitely don’t know, whether it is safe absolutely. Fur at rabbits is different from another, and dandruff almost doesn’t happen, but there are allocations and it concerns males. It is possible to try to hold doe rabbit, having chosen breed of the small sizes and with short fur. If you are afraid you may order antihistamines via Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Hamsters, decorative mice, guinea pigs possibly cannot cause allergy, but some people suffer from cough and rash. It is recommended to get Syrian hamster because it is considered that they are safer; or chickenwort because the majority of them suit allergic persons. Reptiles are the following option. Snake is not desirable for everyone, but turtle is possible because it has no fur, the irritating saliva too, but turtles often carry salmonellosis. After them it is necessary to wash well hands, and not to allow contact of an animal with products and kitchen. If to be objective, different animals so before getting houses can cause allergy it is worth passing medical examination at the expert. And still it is possible to descend to acquaintances who have animals, and to try “to find contact” with them in advance “to check” the organism. Dogs and cats remain common favourites among pets and often to children and adults happens very sadly when it turns out that it is impossible to get an animal, or he should be given somebody because of this there are many stressful situations. Not to be involved into such troubles it is better to undergo medical screening and order necessary drugs via Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Such troubles can get benefit as for businessmen and selectors because they with might and main are engaged in removal and sale of the cats who aren’t causing allergy. These cats cost much: for example, Americans are going to sell them to British – the love of British to cats is known for everything – on 7500 pounds sterling. Cats are expensive because scientists had to enclose a lot of work: they worked at the DNA level, and for some generations they managed to receive only 20 “hypoallergenic” kittens. Certainly, only rich people can afford such animal by the way, they for some reason have an allergy much more more often than the poor. Selectors try to remove “hypoallergenic” dogs, crossing different breeds: Labradors with poodles, pugs with beagles, etc. Dogs cost already cheaper – only about 700 pounds so the middle class can buy them as well. But whether it is possible to consider such approach to a solution correct? After all animals didn’t ask them to breed them. The scientists do not think properly about animals, they need to earn more profit. Try to find another way out because it is better to find the treatment for allergy that to torture animals.

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