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Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction: a Real Disease or Auto-Suggestion?

PSYCHOGENIC ERECTILE DYSFUNCTIONPsychogenic erectile dysfunction is the so-called partial impotence. This male sexual problem can occur at any age and even in healthy men. This phenomenon can be triggered by various risk factors.

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction causes

Psychic impotence can be provoked by different causes. As a rule, these are stress, fear, depression (see how depression related to erectile dysfunction). Such a disorder can be caused by unsuccessful first sexual experience, a change of a sexual partner, a woman’s pregnancy, fear of getting sexually-transmitted infections.

Sexologists can help men get rid of psychological problems, for example, to eliminate fear of sexual intimacy with a woman. Often, men are not able to have proper sex if constantly recall their failures in sexual life.

Erectile dysfunction psychological causes can lead not only to impotence, but also such a sexual disorder as premature ejaculation. This indicates that a man has no physical defects, but convinces himself of sexual problems.

How to Increase Potency: Natural Methods and Remedies

How to increase male potency naturally

Men often suffer from erectile dysfunction. You can fight this disease with the help of specialists or try to increase potency naturally. There are several methods for improving men’s health but they all require patience. If you need to improve potency urgently, use drugs for erectile dysfunctiongeneric Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

Read in the article:

Method 1. High potency diet;
Method 2. Potency exercises and sports;
Method 3. Natural potency boosters – folk recipes.

Method 1. High potency diet

Potency increasing food should include substances that improve the sexual system, improve blood circulation, etc.

First of all, you should give preference to a variety of nuts. Peanuts, hazel-nuts and walnuts have a favorable effect on production of testosterone. The effect will be observed in two weeks.

Erectile dysfunction prevention and potency enhancement require products that have a beneficial effect on the sexual health of men. Let’s get acquainted with male potency foods which increase men’s power and libido.

Impotence, or Erectile Dysfunction. Causes, Prevention and Treatment with Canadian Health&Care Mall

in a bedAlmost every representative of a strong half of humanity is afraid of facing the problem of impotence, both young men and aged people – everyone has the same chances. Having this illness they are impossible to manage a normal sexual relationship with a partner, and it becomes a real tragedy.

If you treat medical terminology carefully, you find out that the meaning that patients invest in the term “impotence”, and how doctors and urologists-andrologists call this condition are different. From the doctors’ point of view, impotence is a man’s inability to manage the full sexual intercourse, what is met rarely in practice, but they indicate an erectile dysfunction. The term “erectile dysfunction” refers to the inability of the body to provide or maintain normal penile erection. If you have an erectile dysfunction (impotence), you may still have the ability to manage a sexual intercourse, but with very great difficulty and reservations.

Recent researches carried out by doctors in many countries revealed that the impotence problem can affect any man over the age of 40 years, and noted a marked tendency to “rejuvenation” of the disease. Men aged 25-35 years old face thу problem of erectile dysfunction more often nowadays, and there are some cases, when impotence complicates life of twenty-years-old representatives of a strong half of mankind.

The mechanism of erection

The penile erection is achieved by blood filling of the spongy and two cavernous bodies – anatomical structures, which resemble a sponge in their structure. If you have a sexual arousal, the flow of blood through the arteries of the penis sharply increases, at the same time the outflow through the veins of the penis is dramatically impeded – the cavities in the spongy and cavernous bodies are filled with blood, causing an erection. In case of violation of normal inflows and a sharp increase in venous outflow, there may be problems with erection, which can be causeв by a variety of factors.

The causes of impotencedepressed

Research on the impotence problem has proven that sexual problems cause a very small number of impotence cases (less than 20% of the total number of this pathological conditions). More often, impotence is developed on the background of diseases and pathological conditions that exist in the patient’s body, while using certain medications, as a consequence of injuries a person suffers throughout his life.

Quite often there is a psychological impotence, which can exist alone or impose health problems that exist in the patient’s body – constant stress and depression can lead to the fact that impotence in young age arises more often. Unfortunately, young men rarely seek the help of doctors in time.Today the pharmacy network offers a great number of drugs to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence), and even a fairly high price of the drugs does not stop the representatives of a strong half of humanity. If you want to get the high-quality drugs at the reasonable prices, visit Canadian Health&Care Mall page and find what you need.

How to increase male potency and avoid problems with erection? Canadian Health&Care Mall Study

Sexual health is very important for every man. According to statistics, more than 52% men have problems in the sexual sphere. However, this figure is not entirely accurate, because many men are just shy and afraid to seek medical advice with their problems. The main reason for the decline of potency among young people are psychological problems, among adults – organic disorders. How to increase potency? This question worries almost every representative of the stronger sex at least once.

What is potency?

man_mirrowSexual male potency is a term that describes male sexuality and the ability to implement the sexual intercourse. It is determined by the speed and proper erection, duration of sexual intercourse and its features. This concept can not be equated to having a sexual attraction and the number of sexual acts. With reference to the female sex this term is almost never used. A healthy man can retain the ability to full sexual intercourse until natural death as the male menopause does not depend on age, and has its own reasons.

Possible signs of a good male potency:

  • normal weight, average growth;
  • developed muscles;
  • skin without acne scars and defects, normal scalp;
  • rapid response to irritants, good coordination of movements;
  • excellent sense of smell;
  • high mental capacity and sense of humor;
  • calm and poise;
  • self-confidence;
  • a low tone of voice;
  • some carelessness in clothes and appearance.

Despite the widely held view, baldness is not a sign of a good or a bad potency.

Factors that have a negative impact on the potency:

  • age;
  • a sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work;
  • smoking and alcohol abuse;
  • neuro-psychiatric disorders, depressed emotional state;
  • certain medications: psychotropic, anti-hypertension, anti-tumor;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system, such as atherosclerosis;
  • endocrine disease: diabetes, thyroid disease, decreased secretion of sex hormones;
  • brain tumor;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • infections that are sexually transmitted: ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis;
  • overcooling or overheating;
  • admission of steroid hormones in bodybuilding;
  • obesity;
  • irregular sexual life;
  • injury.

What is erectile dysfunction?

impotentErectile dysfunction (impotence) is a disorder of the reproductive system, when a man is not able to perform sexual intercourse due to insufficient increase and hardening of the penis, as well as the inability to maintain an erection for a long time. The term “impotence” in medicine is almost not used today, as it is inaccurate and outdated. Erectile dysfunction can be psychogenic, organic and mixed. In 80% of cases it is caused by various diseases and has an organic character. However, men tend to write off their sexual problems to failures at work and in the family, so only 10% of men who have problems with potency seek medical help.

Symptoms of organic erectile dysfunction:

  • The disease begins gradually;
  • night spontaneous erections is absent;
  • erectile dysfunction has a systematic character;
  • normal libido and ejaculation.

Symptoms of psychogenic erectile dysfunction:

  • The disease begins suddenly;
  • psychological problems, discord in the relationship with the partner;
  • spontaneous night erection is present;
  • erection problems arise sometimes;
  • troubleshooting after the normalization of relations.

What changes in the behavior of men should alert a woman?

  • The man specifically avoids sexual intercourse, for example, refers to fatigue;
  • does not initiate sexual intercourse;
  • ignores erotic suggestions and hints.

How to increase the potency and prevent an erectile dysfunction?

man thinksIt’s necessary to follow the following guidelines to improve the potency:

  • maintain a healthy lifestyle, follow the diet, exercise regularly;
  • monitor your health;
  • do not smoke, drink alcohol and drugs;
  • use drugs only on prescription;
  • avoid trauma, stress and hypothermia;
  • regular sex;
  • perform specific exercises for potency.

It is recommended to use the following foods to improve the potency:

Honey, almonds, avocados, coconuts, figs, walnuts and celery. These substances can help men maintain their sexual health and increase virility.

How to treat erectile dysfunction?

95% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction are prescribed certain medications.

Currently used methods of impotence treatment:

  • pills4inhibitors of PDE5 drugs: Viagra, Levitra;
  • plant-based means (ginseng, pumpkin seeds, St John’s wort);
  • drugs injected into the corpus cavernosum and urethra;
  • treatment with vacuum;
  • psychotherapy;
  • massage and physiotherapy;
  • surgical techniques (low efficiency).

Any drug to increase the potency can be applied only after a preliminary examination.

Such means can be divided into three groups:

  1. preparations containing yohimbine;
  2. products based on cantharidin;
  3. restorative material.

Their action is based on increasing blood flow to the penis and the relaxation of smooth muscle. They also expand the blood vessels of the corpora cavernosa, thereby enhancing erection. All these drugs do not create sexual desire by artificial means, and only reinforce the existing potency. Their term of action is different: “Viagra” (sildenafil) – up to 4 hours, “Levitra” (Vardenafil) – 8-10 hours, “Zidena” (udenafil) – 24 hours. The dosage is prescribed by the doctor individually. Some men take medication every day, while others – 3 times per week. Drugs in this group should be taken with caution by people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, increased nervous irritability, insomnia, and the elderly people. They are contraindicated in these conditions: angina, allergies, convulsions, arrhythmia, bleeding tendency, the age under 18. The mentioned medications may be purchased in Canadian Health&Care Mall – online pharmacy that operates 24 hours per day. Be healthy!

How Depression and Erectile Dysfunction Are Related

A man’s ego usually lies in their ability to satisfy their partner’s needs, not only financially and emotionally but also sexually. The latter bit is often very serious and usually results of from erectile dysfunction (ED).

Normally, ED is accounted for by psychological factors to about 10 to 20%. ED is usually the secondary reaction that comes along as a result of a psychological cause that is underlying. The psychological causes of ED are sometimes related to some past events that happen in a person’s life in their early childhood. However, most psychological causes of ED are usually the following:

  • StressStress often affects the brain’s capability to concentrate on the matters at hand. When someone’s stressed, much of the strength needed to pump blood to all parts of the body to support erection is usually gone. Stress can be related to job, finances or marriage wrangles among many other factors.
  • GuiltIt is possible for a man to feel that they are not satisfying their partners appropriately. The result of this types of guilt is usually ED.
  • AnxietyOnce an instance of ED is experienced, the problem might come again and again as a result of anxiety.
  • DepressionThis cause of ED is a little bit detailed. It can be a cause of ED or can be a result of ED. Depression and erectile dysfunction make men feel uncomfortable.
  • Low self esteemThis can be as a result of ED hence an inadequacy feeling which can lead to more ED problems.


Other causes of depression and erectile dysfunction include indifference as a result of certain medications or from problems from their subsequent relationships.

Whatever the cause of ED is, if the problem persists for long, the result is always depression. When a man is depressed, certainly everything in their life becomes dull. The suddenly lose interest in everything and it can go to some extent of forgetting about one’s self.

Depression is often discernible by persistent sadness, feelings of hopelessness and pessimism. Some of its symptoms include lack of interest in activities that were once pleasurable, fatigue, loss of appetite, heavy use of alcohol and drugs and to some extreme, suicidal thoughts. This is an illness that affects how a person feels about themselves and life as a whole. The lack to find a solution to the problem also fades away and a man’s life reaches a very delicate stage.

However, all hope is not lost for those living with such a difficult situation. There are pharmaceutical drugs that can turn around the problems brought about by ED. This is where Canadian Health&Care Mall comes in to provide a quick solution and lead a normal sex life once again. The leading online store stocks a wide range of pharmaceutical products that have been proven safe to reduce the problems of ED. Getting online to this store provides a cheaper solution that every man seeks so as to lead a normal life once again.

What are the Different Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence. It is the inability to either attain or maintain an erection that is enough for sexual activity. You get an erection when the artery carries the blood to the penis. This allows more blood to flow in and veins that carry the blood away from the penis is compressed. This prevents the blood from flowing out which makes the penis larger leading to an erection.

What are the Causes of ED?

Canadian Health&Care Mall is of the opinion that erectile dysfunction can be caused by factors that are:

  • Physical
  • Psychological

The physical causes of ED are:

  • Heart diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Injury in the pelvic region
  • Treatment of prostate cancer
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Side effects of other drugs

While the psychological causes of ED are:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Drugs for Treating ED

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Canadian Health&Care Mall believes that ED can lead to problems in your relationship and thus, needs to be treated. You can treat ED by making some changes in your lifestyle. There are also several drugs available in the market for the treatment of ED.

What are the Drugs for Treating ED?

Every new erectile dysfunction drug that is available work in a similar fashion but each of them has a tad different chemical composition. These minor differences might affect the way in which the oral drugs work, like how rapidly it treats the disorder and how potential the side effects are. The doctor will consider all these before prescribing you the medicine. Given below are the name of the drugs that works on ED:


Sildenafil or Viagra is known to be more effective when taken in an empty stomach. It has to be taken about an hour before sex. The effect of it lasts for about six hours.


Vardenafil or Levitra can be taken with or without food. It is also most effective when it is taken an hour before having sex. The effect of it lasts for about seven hours.


Tadalafil or Cialis can also be taken either with or without food. It is taken an hour before and has effect that lasts for about thirty-six hours. You can take it in smaller doses every day or in larger doses when you require.


AvanafilAvanafil or Stendra is taken about half an hour to fifteen minutes before sex, with or without food. However, the timing of the medicine depends on the dose that you are taking. The effect of the medicine lasts for about six hours.

When is Oral Medications Considered Unsafe?

Prior to taking any new erectile dysfunction drug, you need to consult your doctor or your pharmacist. These medications might not work or prove to be dangerous for you if you:

  • Taking nitrate drugs that most commonly prescribed for chest pains and heart problems. This is because it leads to sudden drop in your blood pressure
  • Have low or high blood pressure
  • Have serious liver problems
  • Have kidney problems that need dialysis.

Viagra Helps Men with Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra is a type of oral drug that is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It helps men to achieve and maintain an erection. It helps in keeping erection that is enough for sexual activity. Canadian Viagra allows greater flow of blood to the penis when a man gets aroused sexually. It does not increase sexual stimulation and works only when a person is sexually stimulated.

Erectile dysfunction is mostly caused due to something physical like an injury, a disease, or the side effect of some drug. Some of the medical conditions are listed below.

  • Heart disease
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Prostate Cancer Treatment, etc

Some of the medications that can cause erectile dysfunction are given below.

  • Heart disease medications
  • High blood pressure medications
  • Depression medications

Canadian Viagra is a very popular drug and numerous advantages are related to it. At present, it has become one of the most popular drugs. Not only does it treat erectile dysfunction but also corrects infertility along with early ejaculation in men. You can buy Viagra from one of the trusted source, Canadian Health&Care Mall. The reason that it referred to as a trusted and best source for the oral drug has been enlisted below.

Sexual activity

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  • You can purchase the best drugs from the most reputable source and that too, at a very cheap rate.
  • Drugs have been tested and certified to meet the quality standard so that it can be used in healthcare institutions.
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Trustworthy Online Store

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Methods to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction occur when you have repeated and consistent problem in getting and maintaining erection. If not treated on time, it can lead to loss of self confidence which, in turn, can cause problems between you and your partner. ED can cause difficulty in having sex. The problem is quite prevalent in men.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are several causes of ED as per Canadian Health Care Mall The most common causes include:

  • Aging
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Clogged blood vessels
  • Tobacco intake
  • Alcoholism
  • Treatment of prostate cancer
  • Depression
  • Side effect of other drugs.

However, there are several methods and drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. One such popular drug is Viagra. This oral drug was introduced into the market in 1988. Men suffering from this problem opt for a medicine to cure it. There are other medicines too that will restrain you from taking upon a surgical therapy or procedure. When you will browse through all the medications from Canadian Health Care Mall to treat ED, you will come across the alternative solutions to these problems.

Treat ED

Penile Injection

There is another way by which you can treat erectile dysfunction and that is by penile injection. In this process you are given an injection so erection is triggered. A drug is injected directly into the penis. This method can prove to be helpful when you are incapable of taking oral medication. Urologists are of the view that this method has a high rate of success. However, it also has some side effects like:

  • Burning sensation
  • Priapism


This method involves a dissolvable pellet that is inserted in the opening section of the urethra of the penis. It can help you to sustain erection from ten minutes to about one hour. This method too has its own side effects. You may experience an unpleasant feeling along with redness and bleeding.


Hormonal Therapy

This therapy is used as a treatment when you have low levels of testosterone. It helps in augmenting the desire in male by using injection or patches or gels so that the there is an improvement in the sensory of the skin. This therapy also includes boosting the sex drive and mood. As a matter of fact, this method also works when you have other non-mechanical problems related to ED.

Herbal Treatment

There are patients who have an inclination towards herbal treatments that includes taking herbs for erectile dysfunction. These herbal treatments have the least side effects but it might take time to bring about an improvement. This treatment is relatively slower than the others.

Sex Therapy

If you are suffering from this problem because of stress or anxiety then best way to treat it is sex therapy. A poor relation might be the base of this problem. This is the reason many health professional treat ED with the help of a psychological approach.

Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump is used when you are unable to take pills. This vacuum created an erection and stimulates the blood to flow. A ring is placed at the base of the penis to maintain erection. There are certain side effects of this treatment, such as

  • Numbness caused due to force
  • Bruising