How to Increase Potency: Natural Methods and Remedies

How to increase male potency naturally

Men often suffer from erectile dysfunction. You can fight this disease with the help of specialists or try to increase potency naturally. There are several methods for improving men’s health but they all require patience. If you need to improve potency urgently, use drugs for erectile dysfunctiongeneric Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

Read in the article:

Method 1. High potency diet;
Method 2. Potency exercises and sports;
Method 3. Natural potency boosters – folk recipes.

Method 1. High potency diet

Potency increasing food should include substances that improve the sexual system, improve blood circulation, etc.

First of all, you should give preference to a variety of nuts. Peanuts, hazel-nuts and walnuts have a favorable effect on production of testosterone. The effect will be observed in two weeks.

Erectile dysfunction prevention and potency enhancement require products that have a beneficial effect on the sexual health of men. Let’s get acquainted with male potency foods which increase men’s power and libido.

  • Honey is the top product to increase potency. This natural aphrodisiac should be included in a diet of every man regardless of age and sexual temperament. Male sexual activity is also influenced by nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts). Walnuts with honey are considered a truly love potion. Instead of nuts, you can use sunflower or prunes.
  • Meat is a truly masculine product, which has a beneficial effect on potency. So, lovely women, if you want to see your husband not only sweetly sleeping in bed, you should cook more meat dishes.
  • It should be noted that mushrooms have the same properties as meat.
  • Fish is very useful for potency and general health due to its unique properties. The most “loving” fish is flounder and mackerel.
  • Excellent influence on potency is provided by seafood, as well as milk, sour cream and cottage cheese. Do you want to impress your partner and feel new emotions? Pamper her and yourself with a romantic dinner with seafood, and to make the evening unforgettable you can buy generic Viagra, Levitra or Cialis for enchanting potency – new sensations throughout the night are guaranteed to both of you.
  • As a side dish to “loving” meat and fish you can serve vegetables and greens which are no less useful for men’s sexual health.
  • Turnip is truly miraculous, but, unfortunately, not popular.
  • Male potency is influenced by greenery of parsley, St. John’s wort, mint, dandelion, thyme, St. John’s wort, cumin, tarkhun and anise.
  • Garlic and onions are extremely useful for potency increasing, but do not use them before a date. In this case, you’d better use drugs for erectile dysfunction intended to improve potency (Viagra Cialis, Levitra).

Thanks to the proper nutrition and use of products that increase potency, an active lifestyle, and the rejection of bad habits, every man can maintain excellent male health for many years. NOTE: Potency increasing foods do not cure sexual dysfunction, but have a strengthening and stimulating effect on male potency.

It is necessary to exclude alcohol, energy drinks, strong coffee and soda from your diet. Also, reduce consumption of potatoes and flour products.

Method 2. Potency exercises and sports

Potency ExercisesProper nutrition will give the desired effect in combination with regular potency exercises. Increase potency naturally with the help of sports. Pay 10 – 20 minutes minutes to sports daily in the morning and in the evening to increase potency.

Special attention should be given to massage. There are courses of massage of testicles and scrotum, which can be found on the Internet. Due to such procedures, the content of testosterone increases, immunity rises and the nervous system relaxes.

Method 3. Natural potency boosters – folk recipes

Home remedies to increase potency also help in erectile dysfunction treatment.

  • First of all, folk methods include herbs. Regular baths with a decoction from laurel leaves or pine branches and cones or chamomile stimulate the reproductive system.
  • A special role in erectile dysfunction treatment is given to a variety of broths. Infusions and decoctions of mint, lemon balm produce great effect on male potency.
  • Ginseng infused with alcohol is also popular. The drug improves potency and strengthens the whole body.

Natural potency boosters are not always effective, so you’d better use them as a supplement to special drugs. For example, Viagra, Levitra, Cialis. They can be bought at the city pharmacy or ordered online.

We have tried to answer the question of how to increase potency naturally – you can use a variety of special methods.

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