Production Services


Your studio accompanies with a unit of completed furnished day production offices with television and PC. Tea, coffee, fresh fruit and sweets are also equipped.
MAKE-UP Make-up devices can be both a stumbling block for performers and a bottleneck slide for production employees. Not so at Teddington. We have three very huge and inspired green rooms. The green rooms servicing studios 1 and 2 are air-conditioned and have eight make-up locations each with comfortable chairs and Headrests. Green room 1 has a assembly lounge with refresher devices and both have everything you would wait for colour redacted lighting to back wash devices.

Room 3 which services our smaller studio is air-cooled, two make-up places, one back wash basin and colour redacted lighting.

There is also a rich pickings of rollers, benders, clippers, wigs, facial hair, wig stands and chin blocks for hire as well as all the usual OB equipment and accessories

WARDROBE Our wardrobe location and devices are created to solve with any alternative.

We have all the obligatory in-house resources to assure that even the greatest costume manifactures will not become a drama.

Our extraordinarily huge studio servicing room is absolutely well supplied with diversity of working space, storage room and overhead power, we have a loosefitting sewing area with an over-locking machine, and our washhouse facilities inclusively of industrial washing machines, dryers and sinks for washing or dyeing.

Monitors connect the whole area to the studios for absolutely continuity.

DRESSING ROOMS Dressing rooms and production services are a significant constituent of any occupational studio complex. Teddington Studios suggests a assortment of star dressing rooms to unit all indispensable prerequisites. There’s also multitudinary makeup and wardrobe appartments plus a washhouse and storage area.

Production offices and writers rooms are also accessible and all these apartments are controlled and maintained by the Teddington Studios Production Services team.

CATERING Teddington Studios supplies first class food service equipment on site with a dinning area and café, with cooling drinks, coffee, tea, sandwiches, breakfast, lunch and crew supper. Food and drinks can also be supplied in the dressing rooms, production offices and make-up rooms. After show evenings can be conducted at the Studios or a riverboat can be supplied for a evening and cruise down the Thames.

Next door to the studios are two perfect “pubs” both of which also supply good food and cooling drinks. There is also a yacht club next door which greets attendants and customers from Teddington Studios and can supply food and cooling drinks. If gourmet meals are inquired a few minutes walk from the studios are two perfect restaurants, the Wharf or the Auberge.

Nearby shops contain Marks and Spencer, Tescos and others in Teddington High Street.

AUDIENCE HANDLING A large area is supplied at Teddington Studios for the conducting and servicing of audiences for the evenings. One recent manifacturing at Teddington Studios had an audience of 24,000 people over its 30 week run. Gaining access by coach and coach parking is simple at Teddington Studios.

There is also on site safeness and first aid facilities and trained personnel selected by Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Teddington Studios performs a considerate Health and Safety policy.

CAR PARKING Unlike many television studios, Teddington Studios has broad car parking establishments and simple access for scenery trucks, coaches and goods transport.

Additionally parking spaces can be appropriated by name to customers if necessary.

184 Space Multi-Storey Car Park

124 Space Car Park (at rear of Studios)

12 VIP Spaces (in front of Studios)


Prop Storage

Unit Vehicle Parking (subject to availability)

Shuttle Bus (to and from Teddington Train Station)

OFFICE RENTAL As well as supplying production offices, Teddington also is proud an assortment of offices to allow for short or long lastime time spans, from small single offices to an executive suite overtopping the river.

These can be let out on lease furnished or unfurnished, and the rental prices consist of parking and 24-hour security as well as heating, lighting, cleaning and business rates.

Other services on site consist of reception, post room, catering and hospitality, and small or large meeting rooms which can be hired by the hour or by the day

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Sales & Client Liaison Office.

Tel: +55 (0)90 5499 4209.
Fax: +55 (0)90 0054 5161